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Tourist Attraction – Sunrise and Sunset

Far and wide they’ll come to a stop; they’ll stare in awe, in wonder. Dawn and dusk take turns calling, “Come and worship.” Psalm 65:8 MSG

In the fall school teachers often give the assignment of writing about one’s favorite memories of summer vacation. Where did you go? What did you see? How long was the line to get into your desired attraction? What was the highlight? Actually as adults, we too often share with delight, our experiences at places we have visited.

The more vacations we have enjoyed by now, the more I am convinced that no matter where we go, a big highlight is viewing either the sunrise or sunset from this or that other point of view.

For example, one time we stopped in the mountains at a rest stop to take a break. Noticing the crowd gathering behind the building and finding seats on the hillside, we asked what was going on.

“This is a perfect location to catch the sunset over the mountains! If you have never seen it you must stay.” Convinced, we found a vacant spot and waited for the show. We talked with others about how amazing the handiwork of our God is. The view is always different; but you know it will be good . . . and worth the wait. It definitely was!

Another time while at a conference, I eagerly agreed to meet up with an enthusiastic group to see the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean and worship God. It was worth losing some sleep not only to see the spectacular emerging of the big radiant ball, but also to worship its creator on the spot.

Chills in the dark gave way to the warmth of the sun going up into the sky spreading ever brightening light. Although not naturally an early riser, I may try that again!

On one cruise, I wondered if there was concern of tipping the ship with so many on one side trying to find the perfect spot to see and photograph the sunset. Looking through our own and other people’s vacation photos, proves the point that God’s handiwork wins the prize in attracting onlookers taken in by the beauty. The photos may be from any part of the globe, but the shot of that landmark at sunrise or sunset has a unique glow no one can deny.

God provides these great opportunities to brag on Him and His creation – ongoing new images in the heavens declaring His glory. Think about being in an art gallery and seeing a work of art that draws you in. Most people want to know: who is the artist?

We know the Artist of sunrises and sunsets. So next time we are with a crowd waiting for a sunset; we may have a chance to help others meet the Artist Himself. The great thing is the pure awe of the moment causes a natural and winsome exclamation of the glory of God in His handiwork.

As any artist enjoys seeing viewers of their work linger and study the piece, how our Father must smile when we stop and worship the Creator of all that daily majesty and glory in the heavens. Let’s get outside and respond to God’s call to “come and worship!”

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