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“In one easy-to-read volume, Prayer 101 is a compendium of tools and ideas to get intercessors started and to keep them going.”

— Cynthia Bezek, [then] editor, Pray! Magazine


The Father calls His children to a deep and meaningful love relationship with Him—a relationship expressed through prayer. As we grow in spiritual maturity, our hearts are drawn to His desires for us. Prayer becomes a pleasure and we become vessels He uses in our families, churches, communities, and the world.


Prayer 101 is a comprehensive guidebook for discovering how to pray as God intends. You’ll journey through Scripture, find inspiration in the stories of others, and learn simple and effective principles for prayer. An ideal resource for groups, Prayer 101 includes review questions for each chapter and a prayer ministry guide for churches eager to put prayer into action.


10th Anniversary Ed.

"This book is a breath of fresh air. When Elaine Helms speaks on prayer, our team listens." —Dr. Tom Phillips, vice president, The Billy Graham Library


Do you sense that God is calling you to a deeper walk with Him, but you aren’t quite sure how to get there? Enrich your relationship with God through prayer.

In Prayer Without Limits, experienced prayer leader Elaine Helms graciously addresses some of the common obstacles believers bring to prayer. Citing scriptural remedies, Helms reminds believers of God’s grace and timing and challenges us to move through the five practical prayer steps that can enrich our relationship with God, develop spiritual maturity, and unleash His power to work through your prayers.



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"If you want to start an intercessory prayer ministry at your church, don’t try and re-invent the wheel. Instead, get a copy of this easy to read and easy to implement guidebook that will get you started in an organized, effective and prayerful way." —Karen Barber, Founding Director of Prayer Igniters International


This book is a how-to guide for those wanting to start or improve an intercessory prayer ministry at their church. The book is based on Elaine’s highly successful work at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in creating an outstanding prayer ministry.


If My People Pray takes you through a step by step process that starts with praying, goes to planning and praying for workers, preparing for the church calendar and budget, promoting the prayer ministry and proceeding with the plans. It ends with praising God for what He does through the efforts of prayer team.

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